Mad Fox Brewing review: Oaked Diabolik Ale

We went to Mad Fox for dinner this week and saw they were selling 22oz. bomber bottles of their first sour beer. Oaked Diabolik Ale is a 9% belgian sour saison, brewed with 100% pilsner and spalt hops, aged in oak barrels. 


Evan's Review:

Appearance- Nice clear golden color, head dissipated fast with a few lingering bubbles around the rim. 5/5

Smell- Bit of apple cider but slightly oxidized and a little sour. 3/5

Taste- Dry with a light fruity apple hint upfront. Not overly sour but tangy and more sour as it warms up. It finishes with a peppery and oaky finish. At room temperature the pilsner really comes through. 3.75/5

Mouthfeel- Not a lot of body for a 9% beer, but well carbonated. 4/5

Overall- Very accessible for a sour, fruity overtones and a light acidic edge. 3/5


Lisa's Review:

Appearance - Pale golden. Very clear for a sour. The head dissipated quickly.  5/5

Smell - I can definitely smell the sourness. Not a vinegary smell like some sours, but a nice, palatable funk. 3.5/5

Taste - This is not a sour that will make you pucker. It is a very drinkable sour. I taste a good wild, tangy sourness with hints of oak, pepper, and Belgian spice character presumably from the original yeast. 4/5

Mouthfeel - A pleasant, light carbonation adds to the drinkability. It's subtly astringent, but not unpleasantly so. 4/5

Overall - This is a drinkable sour with oak flavors and Belgian character. I would definitely drink it again. Great first sour release, Mad Fox! 4/5