Lemon Drop Belgian IPA

It's an exciting time in the land of beer-- new hop varieties have been appearing at my local homebrew store and I couldn't resist picking some up to test them out. The Lemon Drop hop from Yakima was especially intriguing to me, with an aroma described as lemon, orange, grapefruit, citrus, blackberry, super cascade, menthol, pine, licorice, and peppermint. I was all in. 

I decided a Belgian IPA would be a good way to test out the Lemon Drop hop. I used Warrior and Magnum to bitter at 60 minutes and then used all Lemon Drop from there on out. 

Lemon Drop Belgian IPA

12lbs Pils

1lb aromatic

Warrior (15.5%) 1oz 60min

Magnum (13.5%) .5oz at 60min

Lemon Drop (5.1%) 1oz at 30min

Lemon Drop .5oz at 10 min

Lemon Drop .5oz at 5 min

Mashed in hot, stirred until under 160. Mashed for an hour. Sparged for volume. 

Yeast: Wyeast Belgian Abbey II

OG: 1.065

Estimated FG: 1.016 Estimated ABV: 6.4%

Actual FG: 1.020 Actual ABV: 6%

The result was a balanced Belgian IPA with citrusy and herbal notes.