Cricket Bat Vintage 2015

This article was started back in April after tapping the keg. Without further ado, the story of the 2015 scotch ale:

It's that time of year again where I need to dig a carboy out of my closet where it has been resting for the past six months. For this iteration of my scotch ale I wanted to showcase smoke and peat. Unfortunately I was not thinking when I added the melanoidin malt. I will use way less from now on. 

When I put the beer into secondary on oak I wasn't happy with how it was tasting at all. The oak and aging usually help mellow out the ridiculously strong beer, so I hoped this would follow. When I racked it to a keg, I still wasn't happy. It had a weird aftertaste and zero smoke.  

After carbonation and resting for a week it was finally ready to tap. This year's brew clocked in at 12.5%. The carbonation finally brought out the smoke, the body was silky smooth, but the caramel tones were a little over powered by the melanoidin. While the balance is a little off, it is still a very drinkable big beer. If I were to tweak this recipe to do over I'd probably cut the melanoidin to 6oz and use only one type of smoked malt. 

Cricket Bat to the Face, 2015 vintage

1oz of oak chips soaked in 2oz of Glenlivet Nadurra scotch for a month.

House yeast, but any malt forward alcohol tolerant strain is good.

10lbs Golden promise

5 lbs pils

1lb cara 45

1lb cherrywood smoked

1lb peat smoked

1lb white wheat

1lb melanoidin malt

60min Mash

90min Boil

2oz willamette at 60

1oz willamette at 20

OG: 1.1038

FG: 1.008

Primary for two and a half months, then rack onto oak for three and a half to 4 month.