Brett Pilsner, Table Beer

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Summers in DC are hot and humid, I figured a nice light table beer would be the best thing after mowing my lawn and sweating buckets. What I always forget about when brewing is our efficiency.  While running quick numbers before brewing I thought I'd land south of 5%, but 10 pounds of pilsner malt gave me a solid 6.7% ABV. 

This beer was meant to be simple, easy drinking, and mostly to build up a large batch of yeast. It was brewed with Brett Drie harvested from Avery's Twenty Two. Brett Pilsner is all pilsner, saaz hops, and brett yeast. It is rather refreshing if not slightly boring. It almost tastes like a hefeweizen with a bit of banana to the bready pils malt. Refreshing and dry, but a little on the heavy side to be a true table beer.

Brett Drie is great at drying out a beer and I cannot wait to use it in its own IPA as well as in secondary to funk up some belgians. 

Brett Pilsner, Table Beer

Brett Drie

10lbs Pils

2oz saaz


Mashed in at 157.8

2 oz Saaz 2.4%aa at 60, for a 60 min boil.

OG: 1.055

FG: 1.004

ABV: 6.7%