Pickle Beer In Review

In the busy past months the fated pickle beer never got bottled. It has been sitting in the fermentation chamber until tonight. The review of pickle beer:

Appearance: A fairly clear, tan straw color.

Smell: It smells great! Bready with a funky sour overtone. Very impressed with the smell for an experimental batch like this. 

Taste: Unfortunately WAY too salty. 3 teaspoons of salt was just too much and overpowers anything else in the beer. Bad miscalculation for such a small batch when it smelled so good. None of the dill comes through, nor the pepper. Hard to identify anything else behind the salt, so its hard to judge an amount or complexity to the sour portion of the beer. 

Mouthfeel: It dries your mouth out from all the salt but it has a slightly slick feeling to it. 

Overall: An utter failure and I will dump the rest of it. Honestly I think the kombucha culture starter for a day before adding in vermont ale yeast to finish fermentation has a lot of potential for a quick light sour beer. If I were to redo the beer, I'd probably cut the salt back to maybe half a teaspoon and add a whole package or more of dill.