Brewery Tour: Boston Beer Works - Boston stop 3

If you search for breweries in Boston, Boston Beer Works ends up being listed a few times. I figured it was a local bar chain and wasn't actively seeking it out. While wandering to a T station near Fenway Park, we stumbled across a little brewery in the window. Putting a brewery across from a baseball stadium makes perfect sense. 

Our bartender Andrew gave us the low down on the place, and actually gave us a little tour. They have a fascinating business model for a brewery. They have six locations, each with their own brewery, and they each help make sure all core beers are on tap at all locations. During baseball season the Fenway location brews their Hub Light almost around the clock to keep up with demand. 

Their fermenters line the far wall from the entrance and the bright tanks are in a walk-in cooler behind the bar. For the most part, the beers served on tap are directly from the bright tanks. 

The Hub Light is a good light beer with almost zero hops. The Back Bay IPA is a nice east coast IPA, a little fruity with a solid hop bite upfront. They have a Rosemary wit, which we were both wary of, but it is very well balanced between the yeast character and the rosemary.  We really wanted to try the Golden Road which is a Golden ale made with Mosaic and Sorachi ace, but it was unfortunately out. All of their beers are very accessible and not too outlandish. It was an interesting place. I can only imagine how slammed they get during games.